Tobacco addiction is complex. Successfully engaging smokers in a quitting journey requires a specialized approach, with tools that support today’s tobacco users. Download our insights.

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Costly smoking trends disrupt health plans in Tobacco Nation

As a health insurance provider, you want services that drive member engagement and cost savings. So why still use telephonic coaching with tobacco cessation?

For a region termed “Tobacco Nation,” the continued use (and low engagement) of telephonic tobacco cessation programs used by health plans is especially costly. 

Learn new digital approaches that can help you better engage members in a quit-smoking program — and contain smoking-related costs.

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Personalize employee benefits where it matters most

Personalization dominates today's benefit conversations. Yet there’s one key exception to the personalization trend: tobacco cessation.

Many employers rely on general lifestyle programs to help their smokers quit and this simply isn’t enough. Discover the gaps in how general wellness programs address tobacco cessation compared to a specialized approach.

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Workplace smoking trends in Tobacco Nation

If your company operates in Tobacco Nation, you employ a high percentage of smokers and their addiction is costing you. While the current U.S. adult smoking rate is 15 percent, in a huge swath of the Midwest and South, smoking rates linger at 22 percent. In some counties in Tobacco Nation, smoking rates persist at 40 percent. 

Learn about the staggering toll of smoking for employers in these 12 states and how the EX Program can help employees quit.

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