EX Program: A proven tobacco cessation program

A digital health solution for tobacco cessation


Meet the EX Program, the most validated digital tobacco cessation program available on the market today.

Use a tobacco surcharge or incentive? The EX Program qualifies as a reasonable alternative standard. Our approach to incentives is grounded in the best science and art of treating tobacco dependence. And it works. For over a decade, the EX Program has helped people quit smoking and live a tobacco-free life

Resources for tobacco cessation provided under the EX Program:

EX Plan

Our AI- and human-tailored quit plan provides the specialized support each tobacco user needs for the behavioral, social, and physical aspects of tobacco addiction.

EX Community

As the longest-running, largest tobacco cessation community, thousands of smokers and ex-smokers share candid advice and powerful motivation.

Live Chat Coaching

Our EX Coaches are tobacco treatment experts who understand how this addiction affects each person’s life differently and how best to overcome it.

EX App

EX® Duo puts an EX Coach in the pocket for on-the-go confidential support throughout a participant’s quit journey.

Text Messaging

The EX Program’s robust text messaging platform delivers interactive and dynamic messages based on how the tobacco user has—or hasn’t—engaged with the program.

Quit Tobacco Medication

Using quitting medications can double the chances of quitting successfully. EX Coaches help people find the right medication to work for them.

Each month, the EX Program, available in English and Spanish, supports thousands of tobacco users quitting tobacco products together.

Our unique combination of powerful digital tools integrated with the supportive accountability of expert coaches and a vibrant online community generates meaningful results for your organization.

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