68% of smokers want to quit. They need an engaging and supportive tobacco cessation program.

Personalized Quit Plan

The EX Program is a digital tobacco cessation program that personalizes the quitting journey for each participant. Our interactive, self-paced, guided quit plan provides the specialized support tobacco users need for the behavioral, social, and physical aspects of tobacco addiction.

The EX Plan includes:

  • Video and digital content on preparing to quit, building a support system, and more
  • Interactive tools to identify triggers and track tobacco use patterns
  • Tailored emails to a participant’s quit status
  • English and Spanish versions available to participants

The EX Plan has helped over 940,000 tobacco users develop the skills and confidence that are critical for a successful quit. To achieve an incentive or remove a tobacco surcharge,  participants must complete a series of steps designed to help them beat tobacco cravings, get social support, and understand addiction.

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A Thriving Social Community

Our award-winning EX Community provides an unrivaled level of peer support. As the longest-running, largest tobacco cessation community, thousands of smokers and ex-smokers share candid advice and powerful motivation.

Our research has proven that participation in the EX Community is a key driver of quitting success.

This vibrant community offers smokers:

  • In-the-moment advice from a variety of perspectives; an average of 12 comments per post—often within 12 minutes of posting
  • Powerful, candid accounts of other smokers’ quit journeys
  • Empathy and encouragement in the face of relapse
  • Medical expertise from regular contributor Taylor Hays, M.D., medical director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center
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Live Chat Coaching

When tobacco users have a question or craving, their EX Coach is there. Any time, anywhere through live chat, EX Coaches offer support in English and Spanish. Our tobacco treatment experts understand how this addiction affects each person’s life differently and how best to overcome it.

EX Coaches help participants:

  • Set a quit date and develop their EX Plan
  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Choose the right quit medication and dosage and coordinate delivery
  • Avoid relapse by managing cravings and stress without tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars, and chew

EX Coaches are supervised by the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center clinical team. Our coaches have years of experience helping thousands of people quit using tobacco.

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Text Messaging

The EX Program’s robust text messaging platform delivers interactive and tailored messages based on how the tobacco user has—or hasn’t—engaged with the program.  Other text messaging programs provide static content that doesn’t consider the progress that users are making in their quitting journey.

Fully integrated with the EX Plan, our text messaging program changes with our users to deliver a relevant, timely, and compelling series of messages that participants can receive in English or Spanish. Our research shows that this dynamic, personalized approach delivered via text message increases the number of participants who set a quit date and complete steps in the EX Plan.

With a simple opt-in at registration, users receive:

  • Encouragement and feedback about chatting with an EX Coach and using quit-smoking medication and the EX Plan
  • On-demand support for cravings, relapse, and stress
  • Quit smoking medication guidance and tips for continued use
  • Optional content related to pregnancy, new motherhood, heart disease, diabetes, and parents of kids who vape
  • Tailored e-cigarette messaging to help people ages 18+
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Patch · Gum · Lozenge

Using quitting medications can double the chances of quitting successfully. EX Coaches help people find the right medication to work for them.

The program also provides home delivery for 8 weeks of nicotine patches, gum or lozenges. This connection and support engages participants and improves medication adherence.

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Tailored Support for Chronic Conditions

People with chronic conditions who use tobacco need tailored support to quit now more than ever.

Tobacco users are more at risk for adverse outcomes with COVID-19 and comorbidities that can make their already challenging conditions even worse.

To help those with a chronic condition navigate quitting tobacco in a way that’s meaningful and effective, the EX Program offers:

Personalized text messaging content for tobacco users with heart disease and/or diabetes

Personalized text messaging content for tobacco users with heart disease and/or diabetes

EX Coaches who are trained on chronic conditions and tobacco use

EX Coaches who are trained on chronic conditions and tobacco use

Peer support through our active online EX Community, with specific content on tobacco use and COPD, diabetes, heart disease and more

Peer support through our active online EX Community, with specific content on tobacco use and COPD, diabetes, heart disease and more

Expert content on chronic conditions, created in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, to inform and guide decisions

Expert content on chronic conditions, created in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, to inform and guide decisions

Your Participant's Journey with the EX Program

Decide to Quit

The EX Program is tailored to help tobacco users, no matter where they are in their journey. The EX Community helps users focus on their personal motivations to quit. Videos and articles provide knowledge—which is power.

"From the very first day [in the community] I was greeted with an entirely new perspective! BecomeanEXers are FUN! They laugh, play, cry, gripe, feel in ways I'd forgotten how! That was my light bulb moment when I knew that I just had to have what they have!"


Prepare to Quit

Once participants are ready to set a quit date, they work with an EX Coach to plan ahead. Interactive tools help them identify triggers and alternatives to smoking, and draw on their support network.

"The beauty of this site is that the community offers unconditional love and experiential wisdom from people all over the world from all walks of life. These people have "been there, done that" and know the pitfalls, the excuses and the how to's."


Succeed on Quit Day

Quitting is a big step, and it's not a straight path. The EX Program provides medication fulfillment and coaching to make it easier. Text messages, emails, and interaction with the EX Community help participants maintain the confidence to stick to their plan.

"I had quit for two months when I found EX----BUT...I was hanging on to my quit by a thread and definitely would have smoked if I had not found this site. It was great to find normal people-----not doctors, not experts......but regular people who had quit/were quitting just like me."


Stay Quit

Even years after quitting, many ex-tobacco users experience cravings. The EX Program keeps participants connected to others to "stay quit" and celebrate milestones. Our EX Community members stay engaged, and give back to the community to support others on their journey to quit.

"I have to give all the credit for staying quit to this community. After close to 900 days, I'm still here nearly every day. Nothing ruins your smoking like BecomeAnEX!"


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Mayo Clinic

The EX Program was developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. It is based on personal experiences from ex-smokers as well as the latest scientific research from the experts at Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center.

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