We’re dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past.

In 2008, Truth Initiative® and Mayo Clinic partnered to develop a digital tobacco cessation program. Building on its success, we created the EX Program, a premium service that delivers an effective, innovative quitting experience for employers and health plans.

Truth Initiative is a national public health organization that is inspiring tobacco-free lives. Known previously as American Legacy Foundation, we were established as part of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between major U.S. tobacco companies and 46 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and five territories.

Our Mayo Clinic Partnership

Our Mayo Clinic partnership informs our program content, structure, and coaching.

Mayo Clinic Subject Expertise

The EX Program uses the latest scientific and clinical research from the experts at Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center.

Guidance in the EX Community

Mayo Clinic's featured authors provide expert advice in the EX Community to support quit attempts and EXes.

Mayo Clinic Certified Coaches

All EX Program coaches have completed Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Program, or equivalent training.

Applied Clinical Approach

The EX Program adapts Mayo Clinic’s clinically-validated approach to a digital format, so participants can engage how and where they choose.

Who are the people behind the EX Program?

Our team members are seasoned professionals, with years of experience in the art and science of treating tobacco dependence and building engaging digital interventions.

Amanda Graham
Amanda Graham, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President of Innovations

Amanda leads the Innovations Center within Truth Initiative. The Innovations Center is dedicated to designing, building, and marketing novel digital products—like the EX Program—for quitting and prevention. She is a thought leader in web and mobile quit-smoking interventions and online social networks, and has been awarded over $15 million in research funding. Amanda earned a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Oncology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Jennifer Gendron
Jennifer Gendron

Head of Development, Innovations

Jenn leads the sales, marketing, and client success teams and brings nearly 20 years of experience in sales, client success, marketing, and non-profit leadership. Most recently, Jenn was chief revenue officer at MeYou Health, a SaaS, wellbeing platform, where she directed sales, client success, and marketing. Prior to MeYouHealth, she served in leadership roles at Virgin Pulse, a corporate wellness provider, and E4 Health, a healthcare management solution.

Jessie Saul
Jessie Saul, Ph.D.

Client Success Director

Jessie brings 20+ years of experience in program evaluation and strategic planning with tobacco cessation. She applies this deep understanding to help clients improve program performance and reduce tobacco use among populations. She earned her Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University.

Stacy Freeborg-Junge
Stacy Freeborg-Junge

Marketing Director

Stacy directs promotions designed to boost—and sustain—participation in the EX Program. She brings 15+ years of marketing experience, including 10 years specifically promoting wellbeing solutions to participants. Stacy has received numerous industry awards for creative execution, including the Aster Award, Impact Award and Hermes Creative Award.

Megan Jacobs
Megan Jacobs, MPH

Product Manager

Megan is responsible for the design, delivery, and evaluation of the EX Program. Megan’s expertise in mHealth interventions and public health campaigns was formed with her work at the University of Michigan Health Service, DC Department of Health, and National Vaccine Program Office.

Gosia Kierc
Gosia Kierc, MA

EX Coach Lead

Gosia is a learning and development specialist, and specializes in adult learning, coaching methods, behavior change, curriculum design and quality evaluations. Gosia has been helping individuals quit smoking since 2007. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology.

Margaret LaPlante
Margaret LaPlante

EX Coach Lead

Margaret collaborates with the live chat team to ensure protocols are always current and research based. She trains the EX Coaches to get participants the help and medication support they need for a successful quit. Margaret has been delivering tobacco cessation coaching since 2004, helping others get the personalized help they need.

Mark Schwanke
Mark Schwanke

Online Community Manager

Mark has built and grown online support communities over the past decade, successfully managing more than 800,000 registered members. In the EX Community, he facilitates lively discussions and advocates for continuous community improvements on behalf of members.

Mike Amato
Mike Amato, Ph.D.


Mike leads the EX Program data team to provide clients with timely, accurate reporting on engagement. He also uses rigorous quantitative methods to understand how online smoking cessation programs can best help smokers quit. Mike received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at ClearWay Minnesota.

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