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The EX Program was developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. It is based on personal experiences from ex-smokers as well as the latest scientific research from the experts at Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center.

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Quotes from the EX Community

April 27, 2017

Quitting cigarettes is something that each of us must ultimately do on our own, but EX has provided us all with this community so that we don't have to do it ALONE. Tomorrow, I will have 1,000 days of freedom from nicotine.  I couldn't have done it without the community here at EX.

~ Sky Girl
February 15, 2017

I have to give all the credit for staying quit to this community. After close to 900 days, I'm still here nearly every day. Nothing ruins your smoking like BecomeAnEX!

~ Freeneasy
April 05, 2017

I am completely convinced I would not have been successful [with my quit] without the information from EX and support of its members.

~ Youngatheart
February 17, 2017

From the very first day [in the community] I was greeted with an entirely new perspective! BecomeanEXers are FUN! They laugh, play, cry, gripe, feel in ways I'd forgotten how! That was my light bulb moment when I knew that I just had to have what they have!

~ Thomas
April 04, 2017

The beauty of this site is that the community offers unconditional love and experiential wisdom from people all over the world from all walks of life. These people have "been there, done that" and know the pitfalls, the excuses and the how to's.

~ Guilia
April 14, 2017

I'm 249 days free. It was the little things said by caring people that helped me through the first fearful week...I'm a non smoker that credits this community (absolutely) for my current success.

~ John
January 17, 2017

I had quit for two months when I found EX----BUT....I was hanging on to my quit by a thread and definitely would have smoked if I had not found this site. It was great to find normal people-----not doctors, not experts......but regular people who had quit/were quitting just like me.

~ Sootie

Your Tobacco Cost Exposure

“Paying for tobacco use cessation treatment is the single most cost-effective health insurance benefit for adults that can be provided to employees”

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Your Tobacco Cost Exposure

Total Adult Smokers

Total Medical Costs $234

Total Productivity Costs 4


How these numbers are calculated:

Medical Expenses $2,956

Smoking Breaks $1,641

Absenteeism $517

Presenteeism $462

Total excess cost per smoker per year: $5,576

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