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The Results? Higher Engagement, Lower Costs

The EX Program combines evidence-based interventions with one of the longest-running, active support networks for smokers and EXes. See what we can do for your population.

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Industry Leaders Offering the EX Program

Crush tobacco cessation engagement goals by making the EX Program available to employees and dependents, right-sizing incentives, and using smart year-round promotions just like this Fortune 500 food, snack, and beverage manufacturer.

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See How We Help Smokers,
E-cigarette Users, and Smokeless Tobacco Users Quit

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1 Berman M, Crane R, Seiber E, Munur M. Estimating the cost of a smoking employee. Tob Control. 2014 Sep;23(5):428-33.

Paying for tobacco use cessation treatment is the single most cost-effective health insurance benefit for adults that can be provided to employees.

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Ready to help your tobacco users overcome addiction?

Participants receive:

  • EX Plan, a quit plan with interactive exercises, educational videos, and tailored text messages and emails
  • EX Community, peer support in a thriving social network
  • EX Coaches, tobacco treatment experts who provide unlimited 1:1 chat sessions
  • EX Text Messaging, interactive and tailored text messages based on how users engage with the program
  • Nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges delivered to participants' homes
  • Tailored support for e-cigarette users, chewing tobacco users, and pregnant smokers
  • Guidance and support for parents helping their teens and young adults quit vaping
  • Optional content related to pregnancy, new motherhood, heart disease, diabetes, and parents of kids who vape
  • Access through any browser on their smartphone, tablet, or PC

Your organization receives:

  • Quarterly program performance reports, including stats on enrollment, participant engagement, and quit medication utilization
  • Monthly incentive-achievement reports by individual
  • Print-ready promotional materials and campaigns that are updated throughout the year
  • Dedicated client success manager to assist with implementation, incentive design, reporting and analytics, workplace smoking policies, and promotion of your EX Program*
  • Turnkey promotional campaigns and materials in English and Spanish
  • Co-branded website and promotions*
  • Custom discussion group in the EX Community only available to your employees*

*For clients with over 1,000 covered lives

What Our Clients Say

We did NOT expect to be able to launch so quickly after signing. We have more than 7,000 employees, and we launched within a week after the contract was finalized. Accessing flyers from the client portal was easy and we started to promote it heavily right away. We were thrilled!

Charleston Area Medical Center
Charleston Area Medical Center

The EX Program has been a tremendous benefit to Douglas County residents, and made a difference in our organization's efforts to have an impact on the health of our community. The self-paced aspect of the program, along with the constant digital support and responsiveness of the EX team, make it no surprise that so many people have quit successfully using EX.

CHI Mercy Health
CHI Mercy Health

The EX Program makes it easy to get started as a new client. Our Client Success Manager provided us with support and feedback from A-Z and was very helpful in offering us additional resources. We would recommend them to other companies thinking about offering tobacco cessation services!

South Country Health Alliance
South Country Health Alliance
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