Helping tobacco users quit. For good.

A digital tobacco cessation program developed by Truth Initiative® in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

Truth Initiative

What Makes Us Different:
a Benefits Program for Today's Tobacco User

Available Anywhere,
Any Time

The EX Program's mobile platform provides access on any device, wherever participants need support. Today's tobacco users prefer our digital approach.

Social Community Increases Engagement

Our award-winning community is home to thousands of current and former tobacco users who provide peer support—a critical element in the quit process.

Personalized to Your Participants

The EX Program gives participants multi-modal tools to tailor the quitting experience to individual needs and preferences.

The Results? Higher Engagement, Lower Costs

The EX Program combines evidence-based interventions with one of the longest-running active support networks for smokers and EXes. See what we can do for your population.

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Employee Smoking Costs Your Bottom Line

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1 Berman M, Crane R, Seiber E, Munur M. Estimating the cost of a smoking employee. Tob Control. 2014 Sep;23(5):428-33.

Paying for tobacco use cessation treatment is the single most cost-effective health insurance benefit for adults that can be provided to employees.

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Ready to help your tobacco users overcome addiction?

Participants receive:

  • EX Plan, a quit plan with interactive exercises, educational videos and tailored emails
  • EX Community, peer support in a thriving social network
  • EX Coaches, tobacco treatment experts who provide unlimited 1:1 chat sessions
  • EX Text Messaging, interactive and tailored text messages based on how users engage with the program
  • Nicotine patches, gum or lozenges delivered to participants' homes

Your organization receives:

  • Quarterly program performance reports
  • Incentive-achievement reports by individual
  • Print-ready promotional materials
  • Dedicated account manager*
  • Co-branded website and marketing*

*For clients with over 1,000 covered lives

Satisfied Partners

The EX Program has been a tremendous benefit to Douglas County residents, and made a difference in our organization's efforts to have an impact on the health of our community. The self-paced aspect of the program, along with the constant digital support and responsiveness of the EX team, make it no surprise that so many people have quit successfully using EX.

CHI Mercy Health
CHI Mercy Health

The peer support that the EX Program provides is right in line with the mission of Hidden Heroes. Military caregivers lead extremely busy lives—balancing jobs, households, veteran care, and more. We know that veterans and members of the military smoke at higher rates. EX empowers caregivers to improve their health and the health of their veteran.

Hidden Heroes
Hidden Heroes