Longest-running quit nicotine community online

Active community for peer-to-peer support

Our EX Community is the longest-running and largest quit nicotine community.

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Thousands of current and former tobacco users gather here to share unrivaled peer social support, candid advice, and powerful motivation. Truth Initiative research has shown that participation in our quit smoking community is a key driver of quitting success.

This vibrant quit nicotine community offers participants:

In-the-moment advice, day or night, from a variety of perspectives

Powerful, candid accounts of others’ quit journeys for smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco

Empathy and encouragement in the face of relapse

Peer support with specific content on tobacco use and chronic conditions such as COPD, diabetes, heart disease, and more

The EX Program is the longest running, largest cessation community with an average of 12 minutes for first reply and 12 replies per post

We find participants see an average of 12 comments per post, with the first post often occurring within 12 minutes of posting.

Experienced community members set the tone of empathy and encouragement for quitting smoking, vaping, and nicotine use. This support is coupled with medical expertise from the team at Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center, who responds to member concerns, questions, and discussions.

EX Community managers ensure community members remain respectful, guide members to information and connections, mitigate spam, and foster community growth.

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