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Health Plan Tip Sheet: How to Help Members with “Stress Smoking”

Health Plan Tip Sheet: How to Help Members with “Stress Smoking”

There is a common misconception that smoking helps people deal with stress. But the truth is that smoking doesn’t actually help reduce stress.

Most health plans continuously look for new ways to help members live healthier lives. But too often, health plans don’t focus enough on one proven way to help members reduce stress and improve mental health.

It’s a program that actively engages members in quitting smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco.

Download our tip sheet with 5 key things to keep in mind to help members break the connection between smoking and stress.

These things are relevant whether members are planning to quit, in the process of quitting, or trying to remain tobacco-free during times of high stress and anxiety.

Key takeaways include:

  • Learn the full impact of smoking on members experiencing higher stress levels
  • See how 24/7 peer support helps members quit and stay quit
  • Get insight into how coaches are critical in helping tobacco users when stressed

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