Give employees the tools and people support they need to live free from smoking, vaping, and nicotine.

Offer Smoking Cessation at Work that Works

The EX Program by Truth Initiative is a digital adaptation of Mayo Clinic’s proven approach to treat tobacco addiction. Available through a mobile-friendly platform alongside professional and peer support, the EX Program engages employees in quitting for good.

When you want a better program for smoking cessation at work, here are reasons to choose us.

Expertise in the science behind our digital health solution for tobacco cessation, including smoking cessation at work
Team of experts for program design and best practices

What type of engagement should we expect? How many people will quit? How do we keep employees engaged in the program?

When you partner with us, you gain an expert team who answers these questions and sets you up with best practices. Your Client Success Manager has experience with diverse company sizes and industries, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare. You are carefully guided through implementation, incentive design, and workplace smoking, vaping, and nicotine policies for your specific population.

We also help you set goals and interpret reporting and analytics related to your program’s performance. Plus, you receive a creative co-branded plan to promote the program in a way that integrates with your other employee wellbeing initiatives.

Learn more about our team in About Us.

Comprehensive reporting to track your progress

You gain comprehensive reporting via a real-time dashboard to understand how many employees are using the EX Program and how your goals are being met. This dashboard includes data such as enrollment numbers, quit rate, incentive achievement, participation with coaches, text message usage, demographics, and more.

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Compassionate support for your employees

With tobacco addiction, nicotine controls your entire being. Going through withdrawal can be exceptionally difficult. We provide employees with support from people who deeply understand this journey. All EX Coaches are certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists with specific training in treating tobacco dependence.

Plus, our active online EX Community—which is the largest, longest-running social network for tobacco users—provides critical peer support and compassionate accountability to stay motivated to quit.

Visit our program page to learn more.

the digital health solution is available in Spanish and English
Available in Spanish

Among the U.S. Hispanic/Latino population, smoking remains the leading preventable cause of morbidity and mortality. Offering a digital program in Spanish extends the reach of evidence-based support to help more people overcome tobacco addiction. That’s why the entire EX Program experience is offered in Spanish, including Spanish-speaking coaches who interact with employees via live chat.


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McLeod Health now offers the EX Program's quit smoking tools


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