The best solution to quit smoking, vaping, and nicotine

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EX Program is developed with Mayo Clinic

Developed with Mayo Clinic, the EX Program by Truth Initiative is your best strategic partner to end smoking, vaping, and nicotine use.

Give clients the best quit smoking program.

When clients want the best quit smoking program for employees and expert support for workplace policies, incentives, and promotions, look no further. The EX Program by Truth Initiative is an industry-leading digital solution for tobacco addiction.

Built in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the EX Program has helped nearly 1 million tobacco users develop the skills and confidence for a successful quit. Plus, the EX Program qualifies as a reasonable alternative standard, and our team makes administration of incentives or surcharges easy.

When your clients want the best solution to quit smoking, vaping, and nicotine for their employees, here are reasons to choose us.

EX Program by Truth Initiative is a member of the Virgin Pulse Partner Program
EX Program is rigorously tested and effective

Our program is rigorously tested and effective

We don’t have just a handful of studies that prove our effectiveness. We have a portfolio of federally funded and peer-reviewed manuscripts analyzing EX specifically. Clients that use our best practices see a quit rate of 52%.

The EX Program is led by Dr. Amanda Graham, who is internationally recognized as a thought leader in digital quit-smoking interventions and online social networks. She has been awarded over $15 million in research funding, and her research is cited in thousands of studies on tobacco use and quitting.

Learn more about our research.

Real-time dashboards track performance and incentives

We understand the challenge of administering incentives, and that’s why we invested in technology to make this process easy for our clients.

All clients receive access to a real-time dashboard where they can see—on an aggregate and individual level—progress to complete the required steps to achieve an incentive or remove a surcharge.

In the aggregate report, clients see first and last names, birth dates, steps completed, and achievement date of completing different steps.

On an individual level, clients can drill down to see each person’s reason for registering, number and dates of chats with EX Coaches, number of quit medication orders, date of last activity, and more.

See a demo of our dashboards in action.

EX Program provides clients access to participant reports 24/7
EX Program provides clients with a team of experts for smoking cessation program design and best practices

Strategic support makes us easy to administer

Our team of certified Client Success experts perform thorough implementations that meet your clients’ timelines. This includes everything from processing eligibility to advising on incentive administration, tobacco-free policies, member engagement, and more.

We typically launch a customized program for clients with 1,000+ employees within 4 to 8 weeks of a signed contract, depending on the level of customization.

Schedule time with an expert to discuss your client’s needs.

Innovations improve outcomes

We are able to offer the best quit smoking program because helping people form identities without tobacco is all we do.

Truth Initiative is the largest public health nonprofit dedicated to inspiring lives free from smoking, vaping, and nicotine. We have collaborated with Mayo Clinic to develop digital solutions for tobacco addiction since 2006.

Learn more about our partnership with Mayo Clinic in About Us.

EX Program has collaborated with Mayo Clinic to develop digital solutions for tobacco addiction since 2006.

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