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Health Plan Buyer’s Guide to Quit-tobacco Programs

Health Plan Buyer’s Guide to Quit-tobacco Programs

You know you need a better solution than what you currently use. But you may not know how to evaluate smoking cessation programs to ensure a better fit.

This guide can help.

Why health plans need to act now

To contain costs while improving care, an effective, easy-access, and best-in-class quit-tobacco program is essential.

Today, 47.1 million Americans use some form of tobacco, which includes 30.8 million smokers.

While the overall prevalence of smoking among U.S. adults (age 18+) has declined, large disparities in tobacco use remain across groups defined by race, ethnicity, educational level, and socioeconomic status.

Now more than ever, addressing tobacco use with an accessible digital solution must be a top priority for your health plan. Here’s why:

  • Tobacco use and race: There are disproportionate health impacts of tobacco among racial and ethnic minority groups.
  • Tobacco use and social determinants of health: The associations between tobacco use, low income, and lack of education are strong.

How to evaluate smoking cessation programs that members will use

Whether your health plan focuses on employer groups, Medicaid or Medicare populations, or the marketplace, offering a tobacco cessation program that members will use is a must.

Large employer groups want best-in-class solutions, not a check-the-box program, for their employees. Medicaid members require a solution that understands their needs and makes access easy wherever they are. This buyer’s guide shows how to evaluate smoking cessation programs to make the best choice for your plan’s population.

A good starting point is knowing the landscape of what’s available and the components of effective quit-tobacco programs for your members.

Download our health plan buyer’s guide now to learn:

  • How race, ethnicity, educational level, and socioeconomic status play a role in tobacco use and cessation rates
  • Strengths and challenges of available quit-tobacco programs, including CO monitors, app-based programs, phone coaching, and face-to-face delivery
  • Essential questions on 10 key areas to ask potential partners to determine effectiveness and fit for your needs

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