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Tip Sheet: How to Conduct a Tobacco Use Survey with Employees

Tip Sheet: How to Conduct a Tobacco Use Survey with Employees

Who needs a tobacco use survey these days to assess prevalence in their population?

The answer might be you and your company.

Here’s why: With more remote workers, smoking, vaping, and chew tobacco use in the workplace today aren’t always obvious.  And that’s led some company leaders to believe tobacco addiction isn’t a big issue anymore. Out of sight, out of mind, out of HR planning.

It’s true that there have been some decreases in smoking rates in certain geographic areas. However, tobacco use is still an issue for nearly 51 million American adults.

In fact, one adult tobacco survey found that in the U.S., as many 1 in 4 adults were current cigarette smokers (West Virginia); 1 in 10 adults currently used smokeless tobacco products (Wyoming); and 1 in 15 adults currently used e-cigarettes (Oklahoma).

Need or don’t need a quit-tobacco program? Use a tobacco use survey to find out.

While state smoking rates are one thing, the rate of tobacco use specifically among your employees could be higher.

If you’re uncertain about tobacco use prevalence at your company, a short tobacco use survey can help.

Download this quick-read tip sheet now to learn:

  • 4 key areas to pose questions around in your survey: tobacco prevalence, readiness to quit, program design, and incentives
  • Sample questions to use to accurately assess the need for quit support
  • Guidance on how to select the right program for your population


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