Dynamic quit smoking text messages

Tailored quit smoking text messages


Our dynamically tailored quit smoking text messages deliver interactive messages based on how the tobacco user has—or hasn’t—engaged with the program.

Other quit smoking text messaging options provide static content that doesn’t consider the progress that users have made with their program.

Fully integrated with the EX Plan, our quit smoking text messages change with users to deliver timely and compelling messages, either in English or Spanish. Our research shows that this dynamic, personalized approached delivered via text message increases the number of participants who set a quit date and complete steps in the EX Plan.

With a simple opt-in at registration, users receive:

Encouragement and feedback about chatting with an EX Coach and using quit-smoking medication and the EX Plan

On-demand support for cravings, relapse, and stress

Quit smoking medication guidance and tips for continued use

Tailored e-cigarette messaging to help people ages 18+ quit

Optional content related to tobacco use and pregnancy, new motherhood, heart disease, and diabetes

Optional content also available for parents of kids who vape

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