COVID-19 & Racial Inequality: 5 Reasons Tobacco Use Must Be on HR Radar

COVID-19 & Racial Inequality: 5 Reasons Tobacco Use Must Be on HR Radar

Amidst a global pandemic and widespread protests against racial injustice, employee tobacco use might not be on your radar…but it should be. COVID-19 and racial inequality are a real concern. COVID-19 attacks the lungs and may be an especially serious threat to those who smoke or vape. This makes it a critical time to support those employees who want to quit or are trying to remain tobacco-free.

Racial inequality impacts tobacco use. African Americans are aggressively targeted for tobacco marketing, are more likely to be more heavily addicted to tobacco, and suffer more dire health consequences from tobacco use. These and other factors result in lower quit rates, too. However, they aren’t the only race to face challenges when it comes to tobacco prevalence and quitting.

Learn how to fully support the health of all employees by comprehensively addressing tobacco use in the era of COVID-19 and ever-widening public conversation about race, equity, and racial inequality.

Join experts from the EX Program by Truth Initiative to learn:
  • Latest research on how COVID-19 affects tobacco users
  • Connection between tobacco use and mind-body health in an unprecedented time of stress and social isolation
  • How to address diversity and inclusion with tobacco use and ensure Black smokers and other people of color have access to treatment
  • Tips to return to work safely, protecting employees from harmful secondhand smoke and vapor
  • Ways to give all employees access to cessation resources wherever they are—work or home
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