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3 Big Social Determinants Driving Tobacco Use in Your Workforce

3 Big Social Determinants Driving Tobacco Use in Your Workforce
How to Tackle Social Factors Imperiling Employee Health

With laws limiting where people can smoke, it might seem like tobacco use is fast becoming a relic of the past, along with smoky restaurants and office ashtrays.

Unfortunately, that’s far from the case.

Today, 50 million Americans use some form of tobacco, which includes 34 million smokers. That represents 20.8% of all adults.

Among many of these Americans, the associations between tobacco use and low income, lack of education, and lack of healthcare are strong. To counter them, we need deliberate and thoughtful approaches and have an understanding of the social determinants driving tobacco use.

Though employers cannot be expected to solve societal-level issues around income and education disparities, they CAN and SHOULD step up to address tobacco use as one of the major correlates of these disparities.

Social Determinants Driving Tobacco Use

By understanding the biggest social factors associated with tobacco use, employers can better identify who’s still at risk and tailor their cessation efforts in meaningful, effective ways.

Download our paper to learn:

  • Social determinants linked to higher tobacco use
  • How socially responsible companies are adopting more holistic approaches to tobacco cessation
  • Ways that employers can help relieve the factors influencing smoking

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