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New study: Offering a range of treatment options to quit smoking produces the best results

February 14, 2018

The internet is the first place that many tobacco users seek help to quit. But what makes online quit-smoking programs effective?

A new study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine uncovered important insights about what motivates the actions that smokers take.

(Hint: nudging smokers to use treatments they aren’t interested in isn’t the answer.)

The study examined 5,000+ current smokers who registered on BecomeAnEX, the online platform at the core of the EX Program.

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Smokers Active in Online Support Groups Show Higher Quitting Rates

November 13, 2017

An online social network does help smokers quit, especially when participants actively engage in the community. In this U.S. News and World Report story, Senior Vice President Amanda Graham, Ph.D., shared study results of more than 2,600 smokers on, the online platform at the core of the EX Program.

The study found a higher percentage of those who actively contributed content on the site had quit smoking, compared to those who only read others’ posts. Learn more about factors that contributed to the higher quit rate. 

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One Big Way to Improve the Wellbeing of Military Veterans and Caregivers

November 10, 2017

Military caregivers face significant stressors in caring for their loved ones. Smoking is a common coping strategy. In partnership with Hidden Heroes, an Elizabeth Dole Foundation initiative that supports military caregivers, the EX Program provides specialized support to caregivers for quitting tobacco.

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New Digital Tools Make Companies Rethink Tobacco Cessation

October 11, 2017

Director of Client Success Jessie Saul blogged about trending digital tools that help more smokers quit for the 2017 Connected Health Conference. At the Boston meeting, she shared her insights on a panel titled “Applying Digital Tools to Personal & Public Health.”

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