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Tip Sheet: How to Help Employees with “Stress Smoking”

Tip Sheet: How to Help Employees with “Stress Smoking”

Stress smoking refers to when people are under stress and smoke. But the truth is…stress smoking doesn’t actually help reduce stress.

With mental health and burnout top of mind, HR benefits professionals are on the hunt for better benefits to serve employee needs. But there is one benefit that has been proven to help individuals reduce stress and improve mental health…and your company likely isn’t using it.

It’s a program that actively engages employees in quitting all forms of tobacco.

Download our tip sheet for 5 important things to keep in mind to support employees who want to quit tobacco or in the process of quitting during times of high stress and anxiety.

Key takeaways include:

  • Learn how smoking when stressed hurts more than it helps with employee stress levels
  • See how 24/7 peer support can be a game changer for people to quit tobacco and stay quit
  • Understand the critical role that coaches can and should play with tobacco users when they feel stressed

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