What are evidence-based interventions?

When looking at program choices for tobacco cessation, one important consideration is whether a selection is evidence-based.

Evidence-based programs follow the USPHS Clinical Practice Guideline for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, which defines effective tobacco dependence treatment as providing counseling and social support in combination with quit medication.

The guideline also recommends providing support for multiple quit attempts.

Additionally, the Surgeon General report of smoking cessation found text messaging about cessation effective in increasing smoking cessation, particularly if the texts are interactive or tailored to individual responses.

The Surgeon General also report found that Internet-based interventions increase smoking cessation and are more effective when they contain behavior change techniques and interactive components.

Using an evidence-based program that combines all of these approaches and offers support in the way that tobacco users appreciate can have a significant impact on quit rates.

For instance, more people today prefer the convenience of chat, text, email, and online resources, making an evidence-based digital intervention a powerful way to reach people with tobacco addiction.

Developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the EX Program is an evidence-based digital program that addresses the physical, social, and emotional aspects of tobacco addiction.

  • We provide 8 weeks of free quit medication delivered right to the participant’s home.
  • Our EX Coaches and EX Community provide critical peer and expert support to navigate quitting and staying quit.
  • Plus, the EX site and text messaging offer a wealth of tips on how to prepare to quit, deal with cravings, and more.

Looking to quit tobacco and unsure if your company or health plan offers the EX Program to you for free? Visit EX and enter your employer or health plan when you register to see if you’re eligible

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