Gain a solution backed by clinical research—with easy-access, accurate reporting to track results.

Not All Corporate Smoking Cessation Programs are the Same

We are the only solution for tobacco addiction that applies best practices in digital interventions from Truth Initiative with the latest clinical research from Mayo Clinic.

We bring experience with seamlessly integrating our solution into existing digital platforms. When you partner with us, here are other benefits you gain.

Expertise in the science behind smoking cessation at work
Unparalleled expertise in corporate smoking cessation programs

For over 10 years, the EX Program has been at the center of a large federally funded research portfolio. Through grant funding from the National Institutes of Health and partnerships with academic colleagues, our research is advancing the science of digital smoking and vaping cessation interventions.

We regularly incorporate what we learn from our research into the EX Program, keeping it at the forefront of digital solutions for tobacco addiction.

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Expertise to guide your clients

With the EX Program, your clients gain an expert team to drive enrollment and sustain engagement. Your Client Success Manager, for example, will guide clients through implementation and a plan for ongoing promotions. Plus, clients can receive strategic insight into best practices with supporting tobacco users to quit and stay quit, such as incentive design and workplace tobacco-free policies.

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Easy-access reporting to track progress

Each of your clients receive comprehensive, accurate reporting on an ongoing basis to understand how many employees are using the EX Program and how goals are being met. This reporting includes data such as enrollment numbers, quit rate, incentive achievement, participation with coaches, text message usage, demographics, and more.

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Multimodal support for participants + available in Spanish

EX Program participants choose HOW to engage: through the website, text messages, via live chat, emails, and a thriving online community. And they decide WITH WHOM to engage: EX Coaches, EX Community members, or alone within a self-guided plan. By keeping smokers in the driver’s seat of their quit, the EX Program drives high rates of engagement, high rates of user satisfaction, and a 34% long-term quit rate.

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Virgin Pulse offers clients tobacco cessation help through the EX Program


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The Buyer’s Guide for Workplace Smoking Cessation Programs

The Buyer’s Guide for Workplace Smoking Cessation Programs

Download this buyer’s guide to know what’s available, what works, and what questions to ask when evaluating different providers.

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Tip Sheet: How to Get a Tobacco-free Workplace

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