Vaping in the Workplace: Prevalence and Attitudes Among Employed US Adults

Research Summary:


Describe workplace vaping, prevalence of observed use, attitudes and perceptions among U.S. adults.


Employees of companies with >150 employees, drawn from an opt-in national online panel (N=1607), ages 18–65, completed an online survey in November 2019.


Majority (61.6%) observed coworkers vaping at work and 19.1% reported vaping at work themselves. Participants perceived workplace vaping as moderately harmful (M = 1.9 out of 3), 63.2% were bothered by workplace vaping and 52.1% thought it decreased workplace productivity among non-users. Multiple regression models found workplace vaping prevalence varied by industry and participant characteristics, and attitudes about it varied by tobacco use status.


Workplace vaping and vaping exposure is common in U.S. workplaces. Employees, particularly non-users, hold generally negative perceptions of workplace vaping. Comprehensive policies to prevent workplace vaping are needed to protect workers.

Human Resources Today