The Buyer’s Guide for Workplace Smoking Cessation Programs

Looking for a new program to help employees quit tobacco? The number of smoking cessation options can be overwhelming.

Common smoking cessation options include:

  • Face-to-face coaching
  • Telephonic programs
  • Quit medications
  • App-only programs
  • CO monitors
  • Digital-only programs
  • Human-powered digital support

But which one is a fit for your population? For starters, it should be evidence-based. Here’s why.

Smoking cessation options that work

When looking at program choices, one key consideration is whether your selection is evidence-based. Evidence-based programs follow the USPHS Clinical Practice Guideline for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence. These guidelines define effective tobacco dependence treatment as providing counseling and social support in combination with quit medication. The guideline also recommends providing support for multiple quit attempts.

Using an evidence-based program that combines these methods and offers support in ways that tobacco users use can have a significant impact on quit rates. For instance, more of today’s tobacco users prefer the convenience of chat, text, email, and online resources, making an evidence-based digital intervention a powerful way to reach smokers.

However, just because a program claims to meet users where they are—as with app-only programs, for example—it doesn’t mean they have the solid foundation in data and research that’s needed to be truly effective.

Download this buyer’s guide to workplace smoking cessation programs to learn:

  • Strengths and challenges of available smoking cessation options
  • The critical components your tobacco cessation program must have for results
  • What questions to ask a provider about surcharge management, quit rates, scientific evidence, and more to find the best fit for your employees

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