New, Easier Registration Gives Parents of Vapers Quick Tips

New, Easier Registration Gives Parents of Vapers Quick Tips

For parents of vapers, a new feature gives quick access to actionable tips they can use to help their child quit. The EX Program recently released a simple registration process for parents to access live chat support from tobacco treatment experts and supportive text messages.

  • Through live chat, parents can connect with a tobacco treatment expert to answer questions about e-cigarettes and personal challenges with helping their child to quit.
  • Through text messaging, parents can receive up to 3 weeks of daily text messages about nicotine addiction, ways to start a conversation with their child about quitting, and on-demand support for stress.

With the EX Program, employers provide employees with resources to help their child quit vaping. To receive support, employees who are parents now simply register at, choose their primary reason for joining as “to help my child quit vaping,” and select their employer/sponsor.

“We take this issue very seriously due to the negative health effects vaping can have on youth and young adults,” said Megan Jacobs, managing director of product, Innovations, at Truth Initiative.

Nearly all e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which poses specific risks for young people. The Surgeon General reports that nicotine is addictive and can harm their brain development, which continues until about age 25. Early exposure to nicotine can lead to subsequent addiction, mood disorders, problems with impulse control, and attention and learning deficits.

“Many parents have questions about the risks around vaping and how to help their child quit. Our program helps them be better informed dangers of vaping, benefits of quitting, and what to expect along the way,” continued Jacobs. “With our new registration process, it’s easier for parents to sign up and receive support to help their child stop.”

Since January 2019, more than 3,500 parents have subscribed to text messages. To date, 93% of parents found the program helpful.

To learn more about how youth and young adults benefit from parental support to quit, please see Help Employees Protect Their Kids from E-cigarette Risks.

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