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Smokers have been pushed out of sight by smoke-free laws, but the costs of smoking remain staggering.

The Health Impact of Smoking

Smoking rates have dropped, but tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the US.

The health impacts of smoking are psychologically and financially draining for smokers and their families, and they take a financial toll on your organization.

  • The medical costs of a smoker are dramatically higher than those of a non-smoker.
  • Absence due to smoking-related illness and extended hospital stays are costly and can impact other employees.
  • Distractions due to nicotine cravings and smoking breaks can lower productivity and cause mistakes, or even workplace accidents.

Use the calculator below to estimate the financial impact tobacco use has on your organization.

Your Tobacco Cost Exposure

“Paying for tobacco use cessation treatment is the single most cost-effective health insurance benefit for adults that can be provided to employees”

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Your Tobacco Cost Exposure

Total Adult Smokers

Total Medical Costs $234

Total Productivity Costs 4


How these numbers are calculated:

Medical Expenses $2,956

Smoking Breaks $1,641

Absenteeism $517

Presenteeism $462

Total excess cost per smoker per year: $5,576

A Winnable Battle

No smoker is too addicted to quit, but many are too daunted to try. By partnering with the EX Program, you can give your employees and members the guidance, support, and confidence they need to overcome this devastating addiction.

Your smokers will benefit right away. Within the first few months of being smoke-free, they’ll have better circulation and lung function, more energy, and a reduced risk of heart attack. Within a year, they will cough less, have more stamina, and be less vulnerable to infection.

You’ll notice changes, too, in their demeanor and work performance. We hear every day from members of the EX Program about the confidence, optimism, and joy that come with being freed from the stress and burdens of tobacco addiction.

You can dramatically impact your organization’s medical and productivity costs. Give your employees the most important benefit they will ever receive. We are ready to help.

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