Quiz’ n Win Webinar: Is Job Burnout the New Smoking?

Quiz’ n Win Webinar: Is Job Burnout the New Smoking?

Just like smoking, job burnout is a risk factor that leaders cannot ignore, especially right now.

Burnout and stress continue at all-time highs across many professions. It’s no surprise that 73% of employers cite stress, burnout, and mental health issues as their top workforce challenges.

Meanwhile, tobacco use is also on troubling trajectory, with 28% of former smokers reporting they relapsed and 32% of surveyed smokers saying they increased their smoking during the pandemic.

But are the impacts from job burnout really the same as smoking? Find out.

Join us for a 30-minute interactive session that starts with expert tips on exercises to de-stress at work. Then get ready for a fun quiz with prizes ($10 Amazon giftcards) for those who are the first to answer questions correctly about the ways job burnout and tobacco use are—and aren’t—alike.

You’ll have 10 opportunities to win!

Spend your lunch break with us and you’ll learn:

  • Which health conditions are most affected by stress and tobacco use
  • The surprising secondhand impact of stress and smoking on those around you
  • Effective ways to reduce the impact of smoking

P.S. Did we mention there will be prizes? 😊



Hosted By:

Director, Strategic Insights
EX Program by Truth Initiative

Dr. Jessie Saul brings 19 years of experience in research, program evaluation, and strategic implementation around tobacco cessation. She applies this deep understanding to improve EX Program performance and reduce tobacco use among populations. She earned her Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University.

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