On-demand Webinar: 4 Expert Perspectives on Protecting Employee Well-Being

On-demand Webinar: 4 Expert Perspectives on Protecting Employee Well-Being

Helping employees stay healthy and feel safe now is no easy task.

Work from home loneliness is escalating and along with it, unhealthy behaviors for coping.

High-risk populations for adverse COVID-19 complications, such as those with chronic conditions or tobacco users, require extra care.

All the while, evolving science and changing guidance continuously challenge HR to respond rapidly.

In this program, experts at B. Braun Medical, Shape Corp, McLeod Health and EX Program by Truth Initiative® will discuss how they are successfully protecting employee well-being now and provide insights you can apply to your own workforce.

Following this webcast, you will have new perspectives on:

  • Effective benefits to keep employees’ and their families’ health safe during the pandemic
  • How a shift to digital benefits is affecting employee well-being and engagement
  • Proven methods that support rising mental health issues in the workplace
  • How to protect the health of those more at risk for adverse COVID-19 complications

About the Presenters: Juliet Vestal is vice president of benefits and HR administration at B. Braun Medical North America. In her role, she focuses on designing and implementing integrated employee health and well-being programs that improve access and outcomes and result in lower costs for the employee and company. Vestal’s career has spanned over 25 years in a variety of industries including energy, gaming and medical device.

Holly Severance is Shape Corporation’s health and well-being manager. In her role, she leads the company’s global benefits strategy and well-being initiatives. Severance also spearheads the development and implementation of the in-house total well-being programming for employees and their families.
Juleidy Turnipseed is a physician assistant and surgical robotics coordinator with McLeod Health. Additionally, she is the director of McLeod Health’s Healthy Lung Initiative, in addition to overseeing the EX Program as one part of a multidiscipline and systemwide approach to lung care. Turnipseed has developed McLeod’s Healthy Lung Initiative, robotics program and other systems for McLeod Health.
Jennifer Gendron is head of development and innovations for the EX Program by Truth Initiative®. In her role, she brings nearly 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, client success and non-profit leadership with both a business and clinical background. Previously, Gendron was chief revenue officer at MeYou Health, where she directed sales, client success, and marketing. Prior to MeYou Health, she served in leadership roles at Virgin Pulse and E4 Health.
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