On-demand Webinar: Unsure What to Do About Tobacco Users in the Workplace?

On-demand Webinar: Unsure What to Do About Tobacco Users in the Workplace?

Employers in 21 states can discriminate against smokers. However, today’s tight job market is causing some employers with existing no-hire policies of smokers to reconsider. At the same time, identifying new ways to reduce the financial sting of smoking-related costs from tobacco users in the workplace is always top of mind.

For employers who previously discriminated against smokers but now don’t, what does this mean for the health of your workforce? For those thinking of introducing a tobacco-free hiring policy, what are pros and cons to doing so? And for the many who hire smokers, what steps can you legally take to reduce the costs associated with tobacco use?

Watch our one-hour webinar featuring Barbara J. Zabawa, JD, MPH, with Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC., for answers to these questions, and more.

You will learn:

  • Legal considerations with no-hire policies for smokers
  • Common mistakes employers make with tobacco users in the workplace
  • Insights from recent lawsuits on employment practices regarding smokers and how to protect your company



Barbara J. Zabawa, JD, MPH
Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC

Zabawa is the founder and President of the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC, a law firm dedicated to improving legal access and compliance for the health and wellness industries. She is also lead author of the book “Rule the Rules on Workplace Wellness Programs,” published by the American Bar Association. She is a frequent writer and speaker on health and wellness law topics, having presented for national organizations such as WELCOA, National Wellness Conference, HPLive, Healthstat University, and HERO.

Prior to starting her own firm, she was Associate General Counsel and HIPAA Privacy Officer for a large health insurer where she advised on Affordable Care Act matters. She was also a shareholder and Health Law Team Leader at a large Wisconsin law firm.

Zabawa serves health and wellness professionals and organizations across the country as an advocate, a transactional lawyer and a compliance resource. She founded the Wellness Compliance Institute, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve wellness program and activity compliance. She has also been appointed to the Board of Directors for the National Wellness Institute and Rogers Behavioral Health System.

Lauren Higgins
Managing Director of Partnerships and Strategic Accounts
Truth Initiative, Innovations


For the EX Program by Truth Initiative®, Higgins oversees the launch and ongoing support of enterprise clients. She brings a wealth of experience ensuring client success with wellness initiatives. Prior to the EX Program, she served as director of client success for MeYou Health, a workplace wellness platform designed for small business. She also held a variety of client-facing roles during her 5+ years at Virgin Pulse, a market-leading platform that builds employee health and wellbeing into corporate cultures.

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