On-demand Webinar: Kicking Butts: How to Help Employees Quit Tobacco with Incentives

On-demand Webinar: Kicking Butts: How to Help Employees Quit Tobacco with Incentives

To motivate more tobacco users to quit or attempt to quit, more than 50% of employers use some form of an incentive—including a tobacco surcharge. Yet, offering the right premium differential for tobacco use takes careful preparation.

Just ask Generac, a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial generators.  Generac has 3,800+ employees in the U.S. working in office and production settings. Like other employers, Generac has concerns about the health of their employees who smoke, use e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco.

Generac has a long-standing tradition of providing tools, resources and financial incentives to employees through their Healthy Living Program. In 2006, Generac began to provide financial rewards to employees who take an active role in maintaining good health.

In 2018, Generac added additional incentives for individuals who would “Commit to be Tobacco Free.”  Generac’s strong communication strategy and plan initiatives are progressive, and their results have shown to have an impact on the trend.

Learn what you need to know to provide an incentive for tobacco users that benefits the health and financial perspectives of employees and the employer.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain insight into how to determine the right premium differential to motivate your employees
  • Get tips on ways to gain employee buy-in when implementing a premium differential
  • Understand policies and other factors that help ensure people are honest when they attest to tobacco use
  • Know how to ensure the program you offer meets the reasonable alternative standards for all employees
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