4 Ways to Make Your Stop-smoking Program Actually Work

4 Ways to Make Your Stop-smoking Program Actually Work

Are people engaged and using your stop-smoking program even after they receive the incentive? Does your cessation program connect people with resources at meaningful, teachable moments when they are more likely to quit, such as when tobacco bans go in to effect?

It should.

There are 4 key factors to consider with your quit-smoking program to ensure your approach sets participants—and your company—up for success to gain lower health care costs and better health. And they are not what you think.

In this webinar, Amanda Graham and Jessie Saul from Truth Initiative will discuss what it takes to drive higher engagement in your tobacco cessation program and help today’s tobacco users quit and stay quit. You will learn:

  • How digital vs. traditional approaches to cessation stack up
  • Proven best practices with digital communication that boost engagement
  • Which trending local and state policy changes to capitalize on to help tobacco users quit
  • Tips to rethink your approach with incentives for cessation
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