Workplace Smoking Trends in Tobacco Nation

Workplace Smoking Trends in Tobacco Nation

How much does workplace smoking cost employers?

As a company in one of the 12 states that make up Tobacco Nation, the cost of smoking can be staggering.

In Tobacco Nation, a huge swatch of the Midwest and Southern United States, smoking rates can be as high as 40%. A single smoker can cost your company $6,000 annually. When one-fifth of your employees smoke, profits and productivity take a huge hit.

Increase engagement, decrease tobacco use

Employers in Tobacco Nation can reduce tobacco use among their employees. But we can’t just use old tools, like telephone coaching. We need to think digital, get personal, and offer something more.

Download our report on workplace smoking to learn:

  • The alarming costs of higher smoking rates on employers in these 12 states
  • The need for stronger policies to create smoke-free workplaces in Tobacco Nation
  • Why employee engagement in traditional tobacco cessation programs is typically low
  • The impact of new mobile and social approaches for quit-smoking programs
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