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Tobacco Nation: Feeling the Burn of Higher Smoking Rates

Tobacco Nation: Feeling the Burn of Higher Smoking Rates

Employ workers in Tobacco Nation? Your cost of smoking is staggering.

Certain areas of the country have significantly higher smoking rates and poorer health outcomes compared to the rest of the country.

We call this 13-state region “Tobacco Nation.”

These Tobacco Nation states have consistently ranked in the top 25% of U.S. adult smoking since 2011.

If you have employees working in this region, you have a high percentage of smokers and their addiction is costing you.

As an employer, you can reduce tobacco use among your employees, but to do so requires new thinking with smoking cessation programs.

Download our report to learn:

  • Which states are hardest hit by smoking—and why those risks may keep climbing
  • The huge impact on employee health, and related costs, in Tobacco Nation versus other states
  • Why traditional approaches to tobacco cessation aren’t enough anymore
  • The components your quit-smoking program must have for results
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