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The X Factor for Total Wellbeing (and Social Connectedness)

The X Factor for Total Wellbeing (and Social Connectedness)

How online communities done right power behavior change

To effectively reach your employees and health plan members, you must invest in a range of strategies to engage them in healthy behaviors. Offering just nutrition and fitness programs isn’t enough. Companies today must focus on all aspects of wellbeing to drive overall work performance and improve participant engagement.

Online communities for health can be a powerful strategy for improving total wellbeing, including social health.

60% of employers are expanding their wellbeing platforms to include social connectedness opportunities.

For individuals who choose to connect and engage with others in online social networks, the personalization of the information shared can be powerful drivers of healthy behavior and better health.

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  • Essential factors to make online communities thrive
  • How online social networks can be powerful drivers for better health
  • Why participants in online communities are twice as likely to quit as smokers who don’t participate
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