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Health Plan Buyer’s Guide to Quit-tobacco Programs

Health Plan Buyer’s Guide to Quit-tobacco Programs
Best-in-class quit-tobacco programs are essential for containing costs and improving care.

And whether your health plan focuses on employer groups, Medicaid populations, or both, offering an effective, easy-access tobacco cessation program that members will actually use is a must.

This buyer’s guide will help you gain the understanding you need to make the best choice for the population your health plan serves.  A good starting point is knowing the landscape of what’s available and the components of effective quit-tobacco programs for your members.

Download our health plan buyer’s guide now to learn:

  • How race, ethnicity, educational level, socioeconomic status, and COVID-19 play a role in tobacco use and cessation rates
  • Strengths and challenges of available quit-tobacco programs, including CO monitors, app-based programs, phone coaching, and face-to-face delivery
  • Essential questions to ask potential partners when addressing the 10 critical components of any quit-smoking and quit-vaping program
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