Partner with the EX Program to help smokers, e-cigarette users, and chewing tobacco users quit

Changes in technology and consumer expectations have altered the way that users engage with tobacco cessation programs.

The EX Program helps organizations reduce the hidden costs of smoking—absenteeism, lost productivity, and excess healthcare costs by empowering and motivating smokers to quit.

Partner with us to make tobacco cessation programs more accessible to tobacco users of all ages through digital tools.

If you are a wellbeing vendor, EAP, or other benefits organization looking to expand your offerings and make your solutions more robust,  connect with us. The EX Program is seeking to extend our reach and impact more lives through partnerships.


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The Ex Program Includes:

Personalized Quit Plan

Personalized quit plan with interactive exercises, educational videos, and emails

Live Chat Coaching

Live chat coaching with experts

Active Online Community

An active online community of current and former smokers

Text Messaging

Text messaging tailored to the tobacco user, including pregnant smokers and smokeless tobacco and e-cigarette users

Nicotine Patched, Gum or Lozenges

Nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges delivered to participants' homes

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