A partner for your organization to contain healthcare costs and improve lives.

More than a Smoking Cessation Program

When you purchase the EX Program you get a partner, dedicated to helping you promote the program, ensure engagement, and measure success.

Easy Implementation

Have less than 1,000 employees? After you purchase the EX Program online, you will receive confirmation of your subscription completion with detailed instructions about how to launch the EX Program. Plus you’ll get access to promotional content, so you can let participants know what’s coming their way.

If you have more than 1,000 employees, you will be partnered with a dedicated client success manager who will help you with implementation, incentive design, reporting and analytics, workplace smoking policies, and promotional materials.

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, we can set up the program in one to four weeks. When your participants register on the site, they’ll find the site customized with your company name listed in a dropdown.

Employees can use any email address to enroll, so long as they select your company name when they register. No app and no downloads necessary—BecomeAnEX is available online on any device.

Data on Program Performance

You’ll receive comprehensive reports from the EX Program to help you understand how the program is being used and overall how well your goals are being met. Your reports will provide data on:

  • Enrollment and participant population demographics,
  • EX Plan engagement,
  • text messaging usage,
  • participation in live chat with EX Coaches,
  • and more!

In addition, for organizations with over 1,000 covered lives you’ll meet with your client success manager to review reports and discuss program impact and areas for improvement.

Incentive Reporting

The EX Program meets the requirements of a reasonable alternative as defined by HIPAA, allowing employers to charge a premium differential. To support administration of your premium differential or incentive, we provide monthly individual-level reporting on enrollment and incentive achievement.

Promotional Resources

Though 68% of smokers want to quit, it can be daunting for a smoker to enroll. You know your population, and our client success team knows what kind of messaging hits home.

Together, we’ll develop a creative, customized plan to promote your program in a way that fits with your overall messaging. We provide content for newsletters, social posts, and other materials—all available as soon as you sign up, with more available throughout the year in a series of timely, relevant campaigns.

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